Nick Sans

Nick Sans is a accumulation of multiple references and influences to create something understated but not lacking in character.

I took inspiration from a variety of sans serif type faces and altered details I didn’t like, for example the super elliptical curves of Helvetica.

With references like Johnston, Gill Sans and Futura in mind I thought “What do I like about these type faces and what could I do differently?” The result is a frankenstien of Neo-Groteque, Humanist and Geomtric sans-serif faces.

I used this as an exercise to learn from these brilliantly designed classics and focus on the balance of the forms, creating harmony between curves and letters to make something that celebrates the subtleties of type design.

The small illusions of type design fascinate me and I greatly enjoyed including ink traps, varying stem widths and other tricks to balance the design.

Size 60px
Spacing 0px
Test Area
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